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Frisbee for dogs

Frisbee for dogs

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Product Category: Throwing Toys

Material: TPR

Pet Training Soft Plastic Frisbee

Soft material! Safe and bite resistant! Anti slip design! One thing for multiple purposes


More company and less loneliness

Release the dog's pressure, accompany him to grow up, and give him different outdoor experiences


Powerful, one set solution

It is used for training sports and outdoor games. It can be used for multiple purposes to meet different needs


Soft glue material is light and bite resistant

Healthy and soft material, strong pressure does not deform, and it is not easy to hurt the dog's teeth if you bite hard


Anti slip design is easy to bite

The concave convex design of the frisbee surface is convenient for dogs to bite and not fall off easily


One thing for multiple purposes Feeding and drinking water

Frisbee can be used for many purposes. It can be used to hold food and water to replenish the physical strength of dogs at any time


Floating water design with good air retention

Good flight effect, flat design reduces wind resistance and makes dogs play more happily


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