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Cat toilet trainer

Cat toilet trainer

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【Must read before buying】: This product is an upgrade. The inner ring is connected by card grooves, which can be reused without cutting.

【Product desciption】 This product was invented by Ju Lapiji in Australia. After training, cats can use the toilet by themselves and completely get rid of the litter box and cat litter. This product has invention patents in many countries and is very well-known. It has been reported on TV stations in more than 40 countries. The product is clean for families who keep cats, regardless of age. It is easy to use and can be quickly used in a few seconds. The disassembly and assembly of the product; a package of catnip is included, which can be used to induce and increase interest in use.

Tens of thousands of cats have been trained to go to the toilet by themselves, and the owner does not have to pick up cat feces every day.

The picture below is only the training steps. This product is an upgraded version, which can be reused and does not need to be trimmed with scissors.

【Tips】:Not suitable for special-shaped toilets such as square/pure round, please pay attention! Common standard specifications apply.

The first step is to place the daily cat litter box on the side of the toilet before preparing to use the toilet, so that the cat is familiar with the environment around the toilet, and then remove the litter box when the cat is familiar with the environment around the toilet;
The second step is to place this product on the toilet, cover the seat of the toilet, and pour in an appropriate amount of cat litter. A simple cat litter box is installed. For cats who like catnip, you can sprinkle a little catnip. When the cat wants to be convenient, you can hold the cat on the toilet at the beginning, so that the cat is familiar with the new simple cat litter box (this product), and when the cat is familiar with the convenience of the new place, you can enter the next one step training;
The third step, when the parts are completely removed, the cat has basically mastered the convenient skills on the toilet, and after the cat is familiar with it for a period of time, you can Remove this product completely and you're done! !

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